Other Club Activities

You will find in here pictures etc of other activities of the club, other than bike riding. Yes there really is more to life than just scooting around on a dirt bike.

Do you have a pic or two that you want shown up here. Then please send to the webmaster so we can add it for you.


Well the laser skirmish gauntlet was thrown and run during September.

Come 12.30pm on Sunday, 25 juniors and 5-6 adults were suited up in army greens, issued guns, given a hat or a beret and sent off into the bushes. Shrek, not being able to find a comfortable suit promptly covered his face in mud before laying low in a divot and lasering anyone who came near. It took only 2 minutes in the first game before James lost all his lives and had to head back to “Hero” our noble leader to be restored with life.

With the first two games being a free for all, the laser’s sounded loud and long, and with many taking up the advantage of unlimited restorations of life, the trails to Hero and Solomon was a continuous one.
After a quick drink break , a gun change for several of the boys and a set of overalls for a certain someone who fell into the creek we were back at it for the bridge challenge.

Again the cries, the screams and the lasers were loud but a tie was declared at the end of the third game as a desperate run for the bridge was made in the last 30 secs. Fourth and last game started and everyone got sneakier. Laying in wait and sneaking up from behind, and the last desperate dash for the bridge in the latest possible minute there was finally an overall winner declared . . . . .GO THE BERETS!!!!

A great day was finished by a bbq, lamingtons and gingerbread.
and with that bring on the next event